S4 Inc. Commercial Services Price List – Jan 2019 Release

Labor CategoryPrice / Hour
Data Security Analyst I$56.00
Data Security Analyst II$75.92
Data Security Analyst III$95.94
Data Security Analyst IV$124.40
Data Security Analyst V$145.44
Data Security Manager$119.46
Data Architect I$73.94
Data Architect II$97.81
Data Architect III$109.15
Data Architect IV$123.27
Data Architect V$135.16
Database Administrator I$61.96
Database Administrator II$85.23
Database Administrator III$105.87
Database Administrator IV$117.34
Database Administrator V$127.61
Field Service Engineer I$57.23
Field Service Engineer II$69.01
Field Service Engineer III$84.23
Field Service Engineer IV$100.61
Field Service Engineer V$111.52
Help Desk Manager$89.93
Help Desk Support I$43.84
Help Desk Support II$49.07
Help Desk Support III$55.52
Help Desk Support IV$58.26
Help Desk Support V$65.81
Information Technology Auditor I$58.92
Information Technology Auditor II$75.99
Information Technology Auditor III$92.04
Information Technology Auditor IV$106.43
Information Technology Auditor V$114.45
Network Engineer I$65.15
Network Engineer II$80.75
Network Engineer III$95.51
Network Engineer IV$114.67
Network Engineer V$121.49
PC Maintenance Technician I$40.84
PC Maintenance Technician II$52.75
PC Maintenance Technician III$56.82
Programmer I$58.86
Programmer II$72.53
Programmer III$90.30
Programmer IV$106.49
Programmer V$113.27
Security Administrator$73.98
Software Engineer I$64.55
Software Engineer II$83.03
Software Engineer III$103.87
Software Engineer IV$124.54
Software Engineer V$139.36
Subject Matter Expert I$136.54
Subject Matter Expert II$167.85
Subject Matter Expert III$177.66
Subject Matter Expert IV$195.83
Subject Matter Expert V$209.87
Systems Administrator I$60.62
Systems Administrator II$76.10
Systems Administrator III$94.76
Systems Administrator IV$101.97
Systems Administrator V$111.59
Systems Engineer I$64.96
Systems Engineer II$78.24
Systems Engineer III$96.29
Systems Engineer IV$111.59
Systems Engineer V$135.77
Technical Trainer I$68.32
Technical Trainer II$78.63
Technical Writer I$53.11
Technical Writer II$63.69
Technical Writer III$79.45
Telecommunications Engineer I$64.05
Telecommunications Engineer II$77.89
Telecommunications Engineer III$93.05
Telecommunications Engineer IV$102.80
Telecommunications Engineer V$114.31
Telecommunications Technician I$51.31
Telecommunications Technician II$63.13
Telecommunications Technician III$71.51
Telecommunications Technician IV$85.94
Telecommunications Technician V$92.51
Web Programmer I$57.47
Web Programmer II$82.70
Web Programmer III$98.27
Web Programmer IV$105.65
Web Programmer V$124.23

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