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S4 Inc. provides Department of Defense (DoD), US Government and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) customers with specialized planning support, intelligence gathering, research & analysis of options, and experienced program management. S4 supports all PM activities, including acquisition and risk management, in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 standards to ensure consistent quality of service. Our areas of expertise are listed below. You can also download a detailed hard copy HERE.


Exercise Planning & Contingency Support

S4 Inc. facilitates the development of training scenarios, tasking objectives, master scenario event list (MSEL), and then helps with the after action and lesson learned process. S4 plans, executes, analyzes, assesses and develops after action reports in support of joint exercises and training events in accordance with the Commander’s training planning guidance and directives. We draft scenarios, propose planning schedules and coordinate exercise control functions for input to the Joint Training Plan (JTP), Commander’s Training Guidance, as well as the Commands’ Pub 7. S4 coordinates attendance, readaheads, and work group agendas; provides facilitation and logistics planning; and documents and assesses meetings and workshops/conferences for the Joint Event Life Cycle (JELC). S4 supports the population and refinement of the Joint Master Scenario Event List (JMSEL) database for 12 major exercises. We input results of current and future training objectives for each exercise into the Joint Lessons Learned Information System (JLLIS) database and then populate and update the Joint Training Information Management System (JTIMS). S4 supports the Training, Exercise, and Experimentation Service (TE2S) by providing persistent laboratory and mock-up facilities; IT infrastructure/network capabilities supporting the lab, war-gaming, training and exercise environment; and Modeling and Simulation that hosts/enables exercises, war-gaming, experimentation, concept development, demonstrations, and prototyping.

Theater Security Cooperation (TSC)

S4 conducts research, analysis and evaluations that develop awareness of partner nation requirements, social, economic, military, and Governmental capabilities. This S4-derived baseline information empowers TSC Governmental decision makers to develop course of action (COA) options to make decisions increasing U.S. influence and enabling the success of partner nation operations against transnational criminal organizations. Deliverables directly support the Theater Campaign Plan and Capacity Development Plan analytical objectives and end states. S4 provides exercise planning, development, coordination, facilitation, execution, assessment, and training for exercises with Mexico and The Bahamas, and TSC-related initiatives with Canada. S4 is responsible for expanding the existing C4/Cybersecurity synchronization plan that captures partner nation operational and functional requirements.

Program Management (PM)

S4 supports all PM activities in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and CMMI-SVC Level2 standards to ensure consistent quality of service. We provide acquisition management support such as Acquisition Planning; Document Preparation; Schedule Maintenance; Management Operations; Process Improvement; Suspense Tracking; Item Unique Identification (IUID) Requirements; Retrofit; Transition Activities; Engine Fleet Management; Financial Requirements; Engine Depot Management; Combined Test Flight; and Suspense Management. S4 also helped the AFLCMC/WIS Special Operations Forces/Personnel Recovery Division develop integrated risk management plans and strategies; analyze and prepare draft recommendations relating to contractor production changes; and make recommendations with the goal of ensuring weapon system changes were accurately identified and recorded. We reviewed prime contractor Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs) and Contract Change Proposals (CCPs). S4 participated in fact-finding and supported the Configuration Control Board (CCB) process in an advisory capacity. We performed an analysis of problems and issues including identification of potential impact(s) on programs and mitigation strategies.

Strategic/Adaptive/Deliberate Planning

S4 develops planning products for known events such as National Special Security Events (NSSE), Special Event Assessment Rating (SEAR), and TSC events. By analyzing relevant political, military, economic, social, information, and infrastructure variables, S4 describes the impact of the operational environment on mission accomplishments, while conducting predictive analysis to identify impacts on the commands ability to execute its mission. S4 supports detailed planning for deliberate and crisis  events, mission analysis and Joint Understanding of the Operational Environment (JUOE) analysis for contingency and crisis operations. We develop theater strategy and campaign plans/documents in accordance with strategic direction.

For knowledge operations, S4 provides strategic planning, analyzes project requirements, assesses available solutions, recommends the optimal solution, and develops a plan for fielding the changes. S4 assists USSTRATCOM/J2 with Intelligence Planning (IP) for Deterrence, Assurance, and Strategic Operations against regional actors; Functional Space Planning; Functional Cyber Planning; and Strategic Intelligence Campaign Planning.

S4 assisted USTRANSCOM with the development, staffing and implementation of Global Campaign and Distribution Plans across the Joint Deployment and Distribution Enterprise (JDDE). We were responsible for conducting/assisting with recurring global synchronization conference reviews as well as subsequent changes to the Global Campaign Plan for Distribution (GCP- D); National Strategic Guidance; and other related strategic documents.

Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA)

S4 performs studies, analyses, and evaluation activities to support USNORTHCOM (NC) in providing DSCA. S4 provides recommendations to synchronize long-term schedules and coordinate integrated participation of DHS, Federal, state, local, tribal, private industry and multinational agencies into NC exercises. S4 develops theater strategy and weaves it into campaign planning documents in support of catastrophic events requiring NC support, including earthquakes, fires, flooding, hurricanes and other disasters. These planning tools support operational and tactical level forces supporting NC’s Civil  Support missions.

S4 helped plan and execute the Joint Task Force Commander Training Course (JCTC). This course prepares future National Guard Dual Status Commander qualified commanders and their staff for success by enabling them to operate, organize, and function in the unique federal/state/tribal/local/interagency and non-Governmental environment. We conducted up to 54 training events per year.

Technical Analysis

S4 provides technical expertise, analysis, change management/control and support for current, future and emerging Integrated Tactical Warning and Attack Assessment (ITW/AA) missile warning, air warning, nuclear detection (NUDET), and space warning capabilities in support of NORAD. We  conduct theoretical analysis for determining optimal algorithms for processing radar and surveillance data for the continuity and propagation of legacy radar surveillance knowledge. We employ various analytical methodologies to evaluate the effectiveness of solutions/alternatives against defined threats and scenarios. S4 also modifies and runs the Extended Air Defense Simulation (EADSIM) model to support the Analysis of Alternatives (AOA) for air, missile and space systems. We support the development of the Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) Roadmap and analyze, model and evaluate current and future IAMD architectures from an operational point of view.

Intelligence Support

S4 supports the Government in creating, maintaining, and enhancing the ability to produce accurate and on-time current and long-term all-source intelligence. This intelligence satisfies Indications and Warning (I&W), Situational Awareness (SA), and Joint Intelligence Preparation of the Operational Environment (JIPOE) requirements. S4 advises and assists the Government on best practices for information sharing to support day-to-day operations, crises, and exercises.

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